How Best to Avoid a Ticket? Humor Can Help


What's the best way to avoid getting a speeding or parking ticket? Plead ignorance, says the Boston Globe. That was the most effective excuse in an survey of 500 drivers in 2013. “I couldn't see the sign telling me not to do it” was followed closely by “I'm lost” as excuses that work. The survey found that men and women are likely to use different excuses.

Men are more likely to say they were rushing to help a friend, while women are more likely to plead ignorance. The Globe asked readers and staffers for their most creative ways to get out of tickets. Some were polite. Others used humor. One woman said she told the cop what happened the last time she was pulled over: “I said I married him and I have been making him miserable for the past 25 years. He laughed and said ‘Just go.'”

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