Report: Conviction Integrity Units on the Rise


Conviction integrity units have reviewed thousands of cases and exonerated dozens of inmates, according to a report by the Center for Prosecutor Integrity, an advocacy group.

State and federal prosecutors across the country have established 16 conviction integrity units, which investigate the accuracy of convictions obtained by their offices, since 2007.

Six units were established in the past year.

Those established by the end of 2013 had accounted for nearly 7,000 case reviews and 61 exonerations, according to the report, which provides brief outlines of the structures, administrations and caseloads of each conviction integrity unit.

It also provides an overview of unique policies each unit had implemented to combat faulty convictions.

“The Dallas County unit, for example,has advocated for the implementation of a “double blind” line-up and photo identification system, in which both the witness and conducting police officer are unaware of which person is the suspect.”

Read the full report HERE.

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