Advocates Say NYC Spends $1.13M Daily On Misdemeanor Cases; 90% Go Free


Misdemeanor arrests cost New York City ?$1,134,000 daily, police reform advocates estimate. Nearly 90 percent of those arrested are people of color, these advocates say, reports Newsweek. The Police Reform Organizing Project examined arrest data from January to September 2014, finding that New York police averaged 648 misdemeanor arrests per day.The project estimates that each misdemeanor collar costs $1,750.

A report by the group alleges that “a stark racial bias marks the NYPD’s petty arrest practices. In 2013, 87 percent of the individuals charged with misdemeanors were people of color? in 2014, the figure has been 86.2 percent.” About 10 percent of those charged do jail time,” meaning that 90 percent of misdemeanor suspects “walked out of the courtroom.” Sometimes prosecutors decided not to pursue a case, while at other times, defendants might have been sentenced to time served or even received outright dismissal.

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