OH Adds $10 Million For Recovery Houses As Addict Bed Space Runs Short


Ohio, facing a shortage of treatment beds for recovering drug addicts has added $10 million for 657 new slots across the state, says the Columbus Dispatch. Recovery houses offer low rent payments, provide 12-step programs and therapy and sometimes teach life skills that recovering addicts might not have mastered. Although the funding is welcomed, a majority of Ohio's 53 mental health and addiction services boards still cite a need for more recovery housing in their jurisdictions.

Without adequate and safe long-term housing, recovering addicts often overstay their time in treatment centers or returning to possibly dangerous environments, said Lori Criss of the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers. In 2012, 1,914 people died in Ohio from an unintentional drug overdose. That's a death every five hours, the highest rate the state had ever seen. But once treated for addiction, the early stages of recovery are the hard-est time to maintain sobriety, and few can sustain it without a support network, Criss said. “Isolation and loneliness are the two most dangerous things for a person with addiction, because that's when the negative self-talk starts and the urge to use really takes over,” she said.

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