Bratton Seeks 450 More Tasers For Senior New York Police Officers


New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton is making a case for expanding the department's use of Tasers, reports the Wall Street Juornal. He cautioned the stun guns may not have been appropriate to subdue the man fatally shot by police this week after he lunged at an officer with a knife. Bratton said he wanted to equip an 450 more senior officers with Tasers and have the officers carry the weapons with them. The current policy is to store the Tasers in police vehicles and bring them out only when needed.

NYPD owns 600 Tasers, and their use is restricted to sergeants, lieutenants and Emergency Service Unit personnel. Bratton's call for more Tasers comes as the police department considers new training on the use of force and protocols for handling people resisting arrest following the case of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died in July after officers wrestled him to the ground. On Tuesday, police shot and killed a man who had stabbed a student at the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic headquarters in Brooklyn.

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