Missouri Sets Execution Record: 10th Inmate Put To Death Today


Early today, Missouri set a record for its number of executions in a year, reports St. Louis Public Radio. Paul Goodwin was the 10th man executed by the state this year, more than any other year since the death penalty was reinstated in the state. He was put to death for sexually assaulting Joan Crotts, a 63-year old widow, and then killing her with a hammer.

In denying clemency, Gov. Jay Nixon referred to the crime as “brutal” and “senseless.” Goodwin's attorneys had argued that their client wasn’t fit to be executed because of his mental deficits, legally referred to as mental retardation or an intellectual disability. The most recent assessment by a psychologist found Goodwin was “borderline-intellectually disabled” with an IQ of 73. Another assessment found Goodwin had the mental understanding of a 13-year-old.

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