Treat Rape Cases The Same On And Off Campus, Grassley Says


At a Senate hearing on how campuses are handling sex assault allegations, senators say the biggest real problem is that most victims don’t come forward. The session focused on how to get more cases to police. Peg Langhammer of a victims advocacy group in Rhode Island said, “We’ve seen these horror shows on campus after campus. Colleges alone are not competent to handle the investigation and prosecution of these cases, nor should they be.”

She added, “The most that might happen is an individual would be suspended or even expelled, But then free to go to another institution and we know that most of these individuals are serial offenders.” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said “a crime of rape off-campus or crime of rape on campus ought to be treated the same way. And the sooner it’s treated the same way the sooner that the message is going to get out that you can’t get away with something on a campus that you couldn’t get away with someplace else.” More training for law enforcement is critical, says Angela Fleischer of Southern Oregon University, who helped create a model program of police-campus coordination. She told lawmakers police need to question trauma survivors differently from other crime victims.

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