CA Protesters Of Racial Injustice Defy Police, Block Another Highway


Frustrated that the Berkeley, Ca., canceled a meeting they had planned to pack, protesters denouncing racial injustice in policing marched through Berkeley last night for a fourth straight night and then defied California Highway Patrol vows to block them from freeways by briefly shutting down nearby Highway 24, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Demonstrators passed by the phalanxes of police blocking them, then dozens ripped a fence down and dashed up onto the westbound lanes of the freeway near a rapid transit station. Cars screeched to a halt as highway patrol officers moved in and fired smoke projectiles and beanbags at the crowd. All traffic on the highway ceased. “Hands up, don't shoot!” many demonstrators yelled with their hands raised in the familiar pose of protesters over the past couple of weeks. Some tossed loud fireworks. Thirteen protesters were arrested, and the freeway was cleared in about 10 minutes.

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