Retraction of UVa Rape Story Seen as Advocacy Setback


Rolling Stone magazine’s unraveling story about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia could set back by many years the national movement to discuss and combat sexual assault, survivors and advocates worry, says Huffington Post. “I felt like we were almost at a tipping point in this work,” said Monika Johnson Hostler, president of National Alliance to End Sexual Violence. “For the first time, we thought people were listening. But we all might be going back to where we were before this.”

Rolling Stone printed a bombshell story last month detailing a violent rape at a fraternity house. The story came after two years of unprecedented activism and attention on campus sexual assault. But new facts emerged that prompted the magazine to reconsider its trust in “Jackie,” the survivor at the center of the story. Colby Bruno, a managing attorney at the Victim Rights Law Center in Boston, said the controversy will likely play into the “stereotypes that some people in our society are dying to hold onto,” which is that most rape victims are lying.

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