Contrary To Predictions, NYC Crime Down Despite Decline Of Stop-And-Frisk


Last year, when New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk program seemed to be on its last legs after a federal court ruling that found it unconstitutional andleft-leaning Mayor Bill de Blasio’s election, observers predicted crime in the city would skyrocket, says the Christian Science Monitor. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “no question about it, violent crime will go up.” Stop and frisk is down 79 percent this year, and crime has gone way down. The city reported a 20-year-low in its crime rate.

Crime rates have been falling in every major city for years with or without stop and frisk. Experts cite creative policing, better use of data, and community involvement. “Digital and mobile technologies are … creating more awareness and connecting the public with law enforcement more immediately,” the Monitor reported earlier. “Not only can the public serve as “the eyes and ears of the police” via the cameras they have on their devices, but they are able to send and receive alerts immediately, which can help preventing and solving crime.”

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