DOJ Creating Unit To Fight Cybercrime, Counter Public Distrust


The U.S. Justice Department’s criminal division will create a new unit to prevent cybercrime and work alongside law enforcement, private sector companies and Congress, NPR reports. Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell will debut the initiative at a CyberCrime 2020 symposium at Georgetown University’s law school.

Caldwell is expected to cite an episode this year when communications service providers worried whether U.S. law allows them to share certain cyber threat information. The Justice Department studied the issue, Caldwell said, clearing “roadblocks” and easing uncertainty about the law. The Georgetown conference will feature prosecutors, academics, technology experts and at least one European cybercrime official. The sessions represent an effort by Caldwell and other top law enforcement figures to counteract public distrust of surveillance after disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, mistrust Caldwell believes can hurt legitimate investigations.

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