Reduce Barriers To Success For Those With Crime Records, Report Urges


“Now is the time for the federal government, Congress, and states and cities to work together to reform public policies to ensure Americans with criminal records have a fair shot at a second chance,” says the Center for American Progress in a new report called “One Strike and You’re Out” on eliminating barriers to economic security and mobility for people with criminal records. Up to one in three Americans have a criminal record, mostly minor offenses, such as misdemeanors and nonserious infractions, and others have only arrests without a conviction.

The report says that, “Because of the rise of technology and the ease of accessing data via the Internet—in conjunction with federal and state policy decisions—having even a minor criminal history now carries lifelong barriers that can block successful re-entry and participation in society. This has broad implications—not only for the millions of individuals who are prevented from moving on with their lives and becoming productive citizens but also for their families, communities, and the national economy.” The report includes many recommendations about how to fix problems associated with use of criminal records

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