Report Links Right-to-Carry Laws and Rise in Violence


The Huffington Posts says laws in all 50 states permitting people to carry concealed firearms in public have been connected to a rise in violent crimes, according to a new report from researchers at Stanford and Johns Hopkins universities. The report adds to a series of studies over the last decade tending to discredit the “more guns, less crime” hypothesis, which argues that right-to-carry laws serve as crime deterrents by allowing ordinary Americans to better protect themselves.

The new findings suggest that right-to-carry laws are “associated with substantially higher rates” of aggravated assault, rape and robbery, said Stanford law professor John J. Donohue III, one of the study's three authors. Stanford law student Abhay Aneja and Johns Hopkins doctoral student Alexandria Zhang co-authored the report. The researchers found that from 1999 to 2010, murder rates rose in eight states that adopted right-to-carry laws.

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