FBI Evidence-Tampering Leads To 28 Washington, D.C., Drug Case Dismissals


Federal prosecutors will dismiss indictments against 28 defendants in Washington, D.C., drug cases amid an investigation of an FBI agent accused of tampering with evidence, including narcotics and guns, reports the Washington Post. Half of those defendants have already pleaded guilty and were serving sentences (one was a year into a 10-year term). Prosecutors said they can withdraw their guilty pleas and the charges would be dropped.

The stunning action by the U.S. attorney's office came as authorities continue to scrutinize cases that the agent, assigned to a D.C. police task force, may have been involved with. The agent, who has not been charged criminally, has been suspended. One drug case that is unraveling involves an alleged gang that authorities said had imported heroin and cocaine from California. Police said that they raided 26 homes and seized 11 pounds of drugs and that they listened in to thousands of hours of secretly recorded telephone conversations. The alleged gang leader, 62-year-old Lester Pryor, and 13 others were indicted. Now, the government has indicated ­charges would be dropped against all of them.

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