More Than 1/3 Of High School Students Report Guns, Knives On Campus


Students who are higher academic achievers, have a greater attachment to their school, and know of at least two security measures are much more likely to report a gun or knife on campus, say Dallas researchers. About 34 percent of 3,022 New Jersey students surveyed had reported seeing or knowing about a weapon in school in the previous three months. “This is happening more than adults realize,” said criminologist Nadine Connell of the University of Texas at Dallas, reports the Dallas Morning News

The study urged schools to highlight the number of security measures in place. They should also focus on programs that improve school climate, because students who are more attached to their schools were more likely to report weapons. “We have to find ways to make sure students are going to inform the adults who can then take proper precautions necessary,” Connell said. “Many of the problems that students encounter cannot be dealt with unless adults are informed.”

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