Dallas Police Will Start Web Page With Data On 12 Years Of Police Shootings


Dallas police officials will launch a Web page next month detailing information on 12 years of shootings by police officers, reports the Dallas Morning News. The announcement comes after a spate of such shootings this year by Dallas officers, and mounting complaints from community leaders about them. This year, the department has had 19 shooting incidents so far this year. The total had ballooned during the summer months. Typically, Dallas police have averaged 16.5 shootings each year since 2003.

Chief David Brown told the City Council's Public Safety Committee that his goal is to increase transparency. “We just believe that the public's trust is at stake,” Brown said. A 2012 shooting nearly sparked a riot. In April, a grand jury indicted a Dallas officer in an on-duty shooting for the first time in more than 40 years. An indictment of another Dallas officer for a separate shooting followed the next week.

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