Minneapolis Hopes Bullet-Tracing Technology Can Solve Mass Shooting


Minneapolis police are using the newest bullet-tracing technology to match bullets to different crimes around the city, says the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The high-tech system was termed a major advancement for solving gun-related crimes, and is already helping police with one of the worst mass shootings in city history. “We try to figure out who's pulling the trigger, who's committing the crimes, who's got information that they can share,” Deputy Chief Kris Arneson said.

The system is the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network, a national database of bullets and shell casings that the newspaper says “looks like something straight out of a TV crime drama. Paired with the newest hardware, investigators can quickly link a single gun to crimes in different neighborhoods, cities, and even states.” Police are now using the technology to find an assailant in the 400 Soundbar shooting last August, in which at least one gunman opened fire inside the crowded downtown nightclub, wounding nine people, one of whom has since died of his injuries.

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