In St. Louis Police Shooting, Cops Say Man Killed Had Fired At Officer


In the new St. Louis police shooting case, gunshot residue tests and ballistics evidence indicate that Vonderrit Myers fired a gun at a police officer before being fatally shot, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, quoting police and union officials. The police department said that forensic scientists found gunshot residue on Myers' hands, shirt and inside the waistband and pockets of his jeans. Police said that although gunshot residue can be present on anyone near a shooting, the results show levels consistent with Myers being the shooter, because the officer was standing too far away. Myers was shot to death by an off-duty police officer who was on patrol for a private residents' association Oct. 8.

The officer saw Myers and two other men run as soon as they saw him. The officer, driving a marked private security car and wearing his police uniform, chased the men. Myers fired at least three shots at the officer before the officer returned fire, killing Myers. Jeff Roorda, business manager for the police officers association, said police shooting cases are being tried “in the court of public opinion” and “we think there ought to be evidence presented” in that court. “We're done, as a police union, standing in the shadows in these cases,” he said. The police union press conference was prompted in part by protests and “silly” claims about Myers' death, Roorda said. He said that after the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, “Protesters demanded immediate answers and demanded officers not shoot unarmed suspects. Everything they asked for in Ferguson they got in Shaw, and it still wasn't enough.”

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