White House Cyber Czar: Time to Kill Passwords


Michael Daniel, the White House cybersecurity coordinator, tells the Christian Science Monitor that it is time for computer users to move beyond passwords to more secure forms of log-ins. “Frankly, I would really love to kill the password dead as a primary security method because it's terrible,” Daniel said. He said passwords could be replaced by biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition devices.

Daniel spoke at a forum sponsored by the Monitor and The Center for National Policy. Another speaker, Peter Singer, a cybersecurity expert at the New America Foundation, said cyber terrorism gets more attention than it deserves. “There have been over 31,000 magazine newspaper and academic journal articles on the phenomena of cyber terrorism,” Singer said. “There have been zero actual incidents of cyber terrorism, according to the FBI definition of it…Something that is definitely real and arguably bigger [is] the massive campaign of intellectual property theft.”

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