Despite State Law, Cleveland Fails To Charge Arrestees Who Don’t Yield DNA


Only one person who refused to supply Cleveland police with a sample of their DNA after a felony arrest this year was charged as city policy calls for, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The list of those not charged and whose DNA was never collected as state law requires, includes people accused in stabbings, purse snatchings, armed robberies, burglaries and an aggravated vehicular assault. In one instance, a 40-year-old woman arrested after a crash that injured several motorcyclists refused, telling an officer, “I’m not taking no mother f—— DNA test.” She then spit on a jail guard.

In another case, a 28-year-old man refused to submit DNA after an arrest for an assault that included dousing a woman and her car with gasoline and threatening to set them on fire. Last week, the Plain Dealer detailed how a city policy allows felony arrestees to be released without their DNA collected. A 2011 state law says law enforcement “shall” collect DNA from any person arrested for a felony. Before that, the DNA was taken after a conviction.

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