In Speech, Bratton Vows to Root Out Bad-Seed Cops


In a blunt message to his commanders, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton demanded that bad cops who are “poisoning the well” of law enforcement be rooted out, reports the New York Times. “We will aggressively seek to get those out of the department who should not be here,” Bratton said during a police conference in Queens. “The brutal, the corrupt, the racist, the incompetent.”

While aimed at local police leaders, Bratton's speech appeared to reach beyond the day's closed-door sessions on the future of the department and into the national conversation over police brutality that erupted over the deadly police shooting in Ferguson, Mo. He acknowledged an “eroding trust” between officers and some minority communities and pointed at a few bad apples. “The reality is, at this moment, that there are some in the organization who shouldn't be here,” he said. “They're not the right fit for the NYPD of 2014.” He added that “the vast majority” of cops do their jobs well.

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