Some OK Employers Want To Allow Guns On Job After Beheading


After last week’s brutal attack including a beheading at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Ok., some Oklahoma employers are considering ways to allow guns in their workplaces, The Oklahoman reports. A hospital and a loan company phoned attorneys to ask how they can allow weapons in a responsible way, labor and employment lawyer Nathan Whatley said. “Versus no weapons across the board, they wanted to know how they can take away some prohibitions for employees who have licenses to carry weapons,” Whatley said. “They realize that situations like the one in Moore can happen so quickly,” Whatley said. “If someone isn't able to respond immediately, a lot can happen before law enforcement arrives.”

In last week's incident, police said terminated employee Alton Nolen used a knife to attack and to behead a co-worker and injure another before being shot by the plant's chief operating officer, who also is an Oklahoma County reserve deputy sheriff. A prosecutor said he would seek the death penalty for Nolen. An employer can ban firearms in some of their facilities, or allow particular employees to carry guns, Whatley said. An employer can allow concealed carry but not open carry, or can limit the ability to carry firearms to employees who have undergone specific training, such as managers.

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