MD Pols Seek Tougher Penalties On Police After $5.7 Million Payout Total


Maryland politicians called for heightened scrutiny of Baltimore police officers who are the focus of brutality allegations, urging tougher penalties for offenders and greater disclosure of internal discipline, reports the Baltimore Sun. “Police brutality is completely inexcusable. I’m going to apply justice fairly, even to those who wear a badge,” said Marilyn Mosby, who is expected to be the next Baltimore chief prosecutor. The Democrat is the only major party nominee on the ballot, though she faces opposition in the Nov. 4 election from a write-in candidate.

Responding to results of a six-month Baltimore Sun investigation into brutality allegations, Mosby and challenger Russell Neverdon said they would hold officers more accountable than has Gregg Bernstein, the departing state’s attorney. The Sun’s investigation showed that the city has been involved in 102 court judgments and settlements since 2011, making payouts of about $5.7 million. The victims ranged from teenagers to octogenarians, and in almost every case, criminal charges were dropped against the victims of the alleged beatings. Bernstein has defended his role in such cases, saying his office had prosecuted 10 officers for assault and 10 others for less serious offenses since 2011.

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