Serial Killer’s Daughter Accuses Stephen King Of Exploiting Her, Victims


Kerri Rawson, the daughter of Wichita’s BTK serial killer Dennis Rader, broke the family's nine-year silence and talked about her father's 10 murders, reports the Wichita Eagle. An interview by writer Stephen King about the upcoming movie “A Good Marriage” prompted her to break the self-imposed silence, she said. The movie, adapted from a King short story, is about a wife who suddenly discovers her husband is a serial killer. Rawson, 36, learned this week that the movie was inspired by her father and her family. “He's exploiting my father's 10 victims and their families,” she said.

She said she, her brother and her mother didn't know that her father was BTK until the FBI told her in 2005 after Dennis Rader's arrest. “He has said he is sorry, but that means nothing,” she said of her father. “He is not worth all the books and the news stories and all the attention.” She criticized King, who gave interviews saying the novella and movie were inspired by the BTK murders, and how the killer lived for years with a family who had no idea what he was doing. “Any money King makes off this story should go either to abused children, battered wives, or police,” Rawson said. “We feel exploited,” she said of her family. “We consider ourselves the 11th victim family. Stephen King has the right to tell a story, but why bring us into it? Why couldn't he just find inspiration for another good story, but leave out where it all came from?”

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