U.S. Police Warned About “Lone Wolf” Terrorists After Syrian Air Strikes


Homeland Security officials are advising police departments to be on the lookout for possible homegrown extremists seeking to retaliate for U.S. bombing strikes on militants in Syria, reports the Wall Street Journal. A bulletin was issued yesterday by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after bombings Monday by U.S. and allies against militant factions in Syria, including the group Islamic State, sometimes called ISIS or ISIL.

The warning doesn’t claim a specific or imminent plot to attack the U.S. is in the works, but it warns police that individuals in the U.S. who sympathize with Islamic State or other groups in Syria could try to commit violence. Counterterrorism officials say such ‘lone wolf’ suspects are very difficult to detect and disrupt because they often have no direct communication with any monitored terror groups.

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