OH Judge Shuts Down Video Feed After Reports Prosecutor Watched Secretly


A Warren County, Oh., judge disconnected the video feed from his courtroom to the prosecutor’s office after a firestorm of criticism erupted that Prosecutor David Fornshell was secretly watching proceedings in his office across the hall, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I believe we are creating the appearance of impropriety if we continue with the status quo,” Judge Robert Peeler told Fornshell. “The reason for my decision is not based upon a concern that anyone has done anything improper. I am attempting to maintain a level playing field for both sides.”

Defense attorneys discovered and began complaining that Fornshell was watching from his office. The direct feed was in place since a high-profile trial in 2011 but defense attorneys said they were never told about it. Defense attorneys expressed concern that Fornshell could hear private conversations they had with their clients and could listen in and watch even when hearings were not occurring. Tthe Warren County Bar Association has set up a committee to review the use of the video feed.

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