Federal Prison Population Dropped 4,800 This Fiscal Year, Holder Says


Attorney General Eric Holder says the federal prison population has dropped this year by roughly 4,800 inmates, reports the Associated Press. Holder will discuss the issue today at a criminal justice conference in New York City. The Justice Department’s annual report on prison inmate numbers last week said the federal total fell last year, but this year’s decline is greater. When the current fiscal year ends next week, federal prisons are expected to hold about 215,000 inmates. Holder says law enforcement needs to measure success by more than just prosecutions and convictions. While the federal numbers decline, last week’s report said that states overall had more prison inmates last year than in 2012.

At the conference, sponsored by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University law school. The center issued a report calling for changing the way federal prosecutors’ “success” is measured . The center proposed judging prosecutors by how much they reduce crime, prison populations, and recidivism. The center complained that currently, prosecutors are judged on how many people they convict and send to prison.

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