In Legal Gambit, Denver Accepts Liability in Inmate Death


In an unusual move for a government entity presumed immune from civil liability, attorneys for Denver have stipulated that the city is liable for the actions of five deputies accused of causing the 2010 death of jail inmate Marvin Booker, reports the city’s Post. The strategy helps Denver because it could mean plaintiffs will not be allowed to present evidence at trial of numerous excessive-force complaints that have recently plagued Denver, legal experts say.

The disclosure of Denver’s trial strategy in the case, which is set to go to trial Monday, came in written motions and a telephone conference Thursday with federal Judge R. Brooke Jackson. The Booker family’s attorneys filed a motion Thursday seeking sanctions against the city after belatedly receiving 3,000 videotapes and thousands of pages of documents in the weeks before trial in a case filed three years ago. Booked died on July 9, 2010, after deputies shocked him with a Taser, put him in a “sleeper hold” and lay on top of him in an effort to control him.

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