Parents Of Colorado Theater Victim Sue Internet Ammo Companies


The parents of Jessica Ghawi, who was killed in the 2012 Aurora, Co., theater shootings, filed a lawsuit against four Internet ammunition and military-grade supply companies who they allege recklessly supplied the man accused in the attack, reports the Denver Post. “We’re putting them on notice,” said Lonnie Phillips, Ghawi’s father. “We’re coming after you.” The lawsuit was filed by the nationally known law firm Arnold & Porter in conjunction with the Washington D.C.-based Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The companies named in the litigation are scattered in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Arizona.

The suit seeks to stop the companies’ sales until their screening practices are changes. It accuses them of “negligently and unlawfully” supplying ammunition, tear gas and body armor to James Holmes, a “patently dangerous homicidal man.” The Phillips say the companies should have seen the foreseeable risk that their products would be used in such an attack. “The defendants did not make reasonable inquiries into Holmes’ purchases, nor did the defendants take any extra precautions when selling Holmes weapons, accessories and ammunition, or ask Holmes why he wanted the items,” the lawsuit says. The defendants are,, and BTP Arms. Ghawi, a Texas native, was 24 years old when she was gunned down in the theater.

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