White House Favors Police Body Cameras; 154,700 Sign Petition


Responding to a petition after the police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Mo., the White House says it supports the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement officers, Politico reports. “As Ferguson continues to heal as a community, this Administration will continue to work to ensure that our justice system, across the country, is truly just,” said the response. “We'll continue to work to support the use of video technology, review and evaluate law enforcement agencies that use it, and continue to engage in discussions about how this technology impacts policing, communities, and public safety.”

The petition obtained 154,700 signatures. A petition is required to receive 100,000 signatures before the White House is required to respond. Roy Austin, the deputy assistant to the president for the Office of Urban Affairs, Justice and Opportunity in the Domestic Policy Council, wrote the response. “In fact, for years, this Administration has advanced the use of cameras, both body-worn and vehicular, and recognized the numerous benefits to making cameras available to law enforcement officers. We support the use of cameras and video technology by law enforcement officers, and the Department of Justice continues to research best practices for implementation,” the response read.

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