Television Stations Protest Exclusion From Retrial On Jodi Arias Sentence


An attorney representing five local Phoenix television stations asked a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to reconsider her ban on video coverage of the Jodi Arias retrial, the Arizona Republic reports. First Amendment attorney David Bodney pleaded yesterday with Judge Sherry Stephens to allow the local news stations to air video clips of the trial on the evening news. Stephens has ruled that she will allow the upcoming sentencing retrial to be videotaped, but the tapes cannot be shown until after the trial is over.

Stephens said she would rule by the end of the week. Arias, 34, was convicted of first-degree murder last year for killing her former lover Travis Alexander, 30. Alexander was found dead in his home in 2008, shot in the head, his throat slit, with nearly 30 stab wounds. The guilty verdict stands. The only decision for the new jury will be whether to sentence her to life or death, and that retrial is scheduled to start impaneling a new jury on Sept. 29. Most pretrial hearings in the past year have been closed to the media and public.

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