Milwaukee Officers Avoid Discipline For Impeding Strip Search Inquiry


At least six Milwaukee police officers were investigated for impeding the inquiry into a series of illegal strip and cavity searches by fellow officers, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. One officer told authorities she had not witnessed an improper search even though a video showed she was standing just a few feet away. Five others were suspected of violating a court order by discussing the strip search investigation soon after they were subpoenaed to testify at a secret 2012 hearing.

The six officers may have broken the law or violated department rules, the video and documents show, but none of them faced criminal charges or discipline by the Police Department. Officer Stephanie Seitz was investigated for perjury after prosecutors unearthed a surveillance video that contradicted her sworn testimony. Prosecutors concluded Seitz was “clearly untruthful” when she said she had not witnessed an officer’s retrieving drugs from a man’s buttocks. Police Department leaders and prosecutors decided there wasn’t enough proof to take action against anyone for hampering the investigation despite numerous inconsistencies found in a Journal Sentinel examination of the video, police reports, transcripts of sworn testimony and internal investigators’ reports.

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