Should “9-Year-Old” and “Uzi” Ever Appear In the Same Sentence?


Seven accidental child shootings in one month. On two occasions, two per day. Examples from May 17:An Indiana boy, 4, fatally shoots himself in the head with his parents’ gun, and a North Carolina boy, 5, son of a deputy, shoots himself in the ear with his father’s service revolver, says the Las Vegas Sun. An average of two children a week are killed in unintentional shootings by their peers, say two gun-safety groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. Another 660 children are hospitalized annually.

The statistics reflect only incidents in which children 14 and younger were shot. Dozens more cases arise each year in which children unintentionally shoot adults. Recently, a 9-year-old girl fatally shot firearms instructor Charles Vacca with an Uzi at an Arizona gun range. Are children and guns a deadly mix? Anti-gun advocates are quick to say yes. Even people who put pistols and rifles in the hands of their young children say some guns should be off limits. “A 9-year-old and an Uzi — those probably shouldn't go in the same sentence,” said hunter Cody Dorman, a concealed-carry permit holder and father of three boys he will teach to shoot. “That, to me, is rather unbelievable.”

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