Detroit Chief Seeks Summit With Judges, Prosecutor After Shooting


Detroit Police Chief James Craig is calling for a summit with Wayne County judges and Prosecutor Kym Worthy after a shooting case he said shines light on a broken criminal justice system, the Detroit News reports. A Detroit man was accused last month of trying to kill a rival, was granted bond, got out of jail after paying $10,000, and allegedly shot the victim again Thursday night before going into hiding. “I'm angry, and I want to have a dialogue with judges and the prosecutor so we're all on the same page,” Craig said. “We need to work more effectively in the criminal justice system to keep these violent suspects behind bars. There's a dangerous man now walking the streets, when he should never have been let out in the first place.”

Craig's ire was raised by the case of Steven Jackson, 21, and his half-brother, Robert Harris, 31. Each was charged with two counts of assault with intent to commit murder and felonious assault after they allegedly opened fire, in broad daylight, on a 25-year-old man with whom they had a feud. Earlier, Jackson was driving and spotted the victim in a car with a woman. Harris, a passenger, rolled down the window and shot the victim's car with an assault rifle. The victim's car crashed, and Jackson and Harris assumed he was dead; he and his passenger survived. During Jackson's arraignment, a judge set bond at $100,000, allowing him to get out of jail by posting 10 percent, or $10,000. No prosecutor was present to object to the bond because the hearing was held on a Saturday. Because of budget constraints, there isn't enough manpower to send prosecutors to weekend arraignments.

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