Prosecutor In NC Wrongful Conviction Case Insists the Freed Men Are Guilty


Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were released from prison in North Carolina after 31 years for a murder DNA evidence said they didn’t commit, but the Joe Freeman Britt, who prosecuted them, insists they are guilty, says the New York Times. Of the ruling freeing the men, which was prompted by a state investigation and supported by the current district attorney, his grandson, Britt, 79, says, “I thought the D.A. just threw up his hands and capitulated, and the judge didn't have any choice but to do what he did. No question about it, absolutely they are guilty.”

Britt tells the Times he does not understand why much faith is put in DNA evidence, saying the man linked to the killing could have dropped the cigarette with the DNA in the field where it took place at a time unrelated to the murder. Kenneth Rose, McCollum’s attorney, says of the prosecutor’s statements, “It's just astounding that people given so much power over other people's lives, and who can totally destroy people's lives, are so unwilling to consider facts.”

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