After Michael Brown Death, More Calls For Police To Wear Cameras


Calls are growing for more police departments to use the tiny, wearable cameras that record officers’ interaction with the public after the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, reports USA Today. The cameras, made by Taser or Vievu LLC, can clear up the conflicting witness accounts of an incident, say police departments that have already started to use them. They may also prevent police abuse, one study suggests.

“It helps the officers keep their professionalism,” said Commander David Brown of the Lone Tree, Co., Police Department, in a Denver suburb. “It’s not one person’s word against another. The events are right there for the judge and the jury to look at. It’s great evidence.” The cameras record virtually everything an officer sees, and can be mounted on glasses, chest or lapel. A growing number of police departments are adding them as standard equipment, and several petitions aim to force police to wear them after Brown’s Aug. 9 death.

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