MO Chief Won’t Name Shooter; 9 Looters Charged


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on another “uneasy night” of confrontations between protestors and police in Ferguson, Mo. The paper said an officer shot and critically wounded a man who police said pointed a handgun at the officer at 1 a.m. Wednesday near the spot where protests have been centered since Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed Saturday. In other developments, the anarchist hacker group Anonymous shut down phones and computers for a time Tuesday at Ferguson City Hall. Later, the group posted the county police chief’s address, phone number and other personal information on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, who had promised to release the name of the officer who shot Brown by noon Tuesday, said he had reconsidered and would not publicly identify the officer, citing safety considerations. The officer is on administrative leave. Brown’s mother told the media that she was told that her son, who was unarmed, was shot eight times. Authorities have not released details of an autopsy. In another development, nine people have been charged with felonies in connection with looting in Ferguson.

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