Accused MI Adolescent Killer: I Want to Go to Jail


Court documents suggest that Jamarion Lawhorn, 12, who stabbed another boy to death on a Grand Rapid, Mich., playground last week was cognizant that his actions might lead him to jail, reports the Grand Rapids Press. Lawhorn stabbed Michael Connor Verkerke, 9, with a large kitchen knife on Aug. 4. The boys did not know each other. Prosecutors plan to charge Lawhorn as an adult.

He was questioned by police in the presence of his parents after he was apprehended. In a delinquency petition, an investigator wrote, “Jamarion was asked why he did that and he stated because he wanted to go to jail.” He said he was concerned because the stabbing “made him feel stupid.” The investigator said, “He stated that he did it because he is bad and always does stupid things, and gets in trouble a lot. Jamarion stated that he was thinking they would probably kill him for doing something like this and 'inject stuff in his body.'” He told police he would get mocked at school for getting in trouble, and be called “dumb” and “black.”

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