OR Bar Probes Federal Prosecutors For Violating Supremacist’s Rights


The Oregon State Bar will investigate three assistant U.S. Attorneys on accusations that they violated rules of professional conduct in their prosecution of white supremacist David “Joey” Pedersen, The Oregonian reports. The bar’s inquiries come after a federal judge issued a blistering opinion criticizing prosecutors for not disclosing for months that they or investigators working for them possessed copies of jail letters, listened to phone calls and reviewed a synopsis of conversations between Pedersen and his defense team.

Pedersen and Holly Ann Grigsby both admitted to killing four people in 2011 and have been sentenced to life terms. The attorneys violated Pedersen’s constitutional right to counsel and ignored their duty to let the defense know they had such confidential material in their possession, said Senior U.S. District Judge Ancer Haggerty. Former Washington County District Attorney Scott Upham, who called for the bar investigation, said, “People in this community want to trust their public officials and law enforcement issues. “That trust is eroding rapidly. And the reason why that trust is eroding rapidly is this stuff is all kept buried.”

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