Illinois State Police Will Help Chicago Police Find Fugitives


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that 40 Illinois State Police troopers will work with the Chicago Police Department’s fugitive unit to apprehend wanted criminals, says the Chicago Tribune. In an editorial, the newspaper says, “Something — anything — that resembles an outside-the-box strategy to combat crime is a welcome experiment.”

The city is exhausted, says the Tribune. “Whatever helps to restore peace, whatever discourages the gunplay that victimizes neighborhoods, whatever throws gangbangers off their game … it’s welcome.” The murders of young people in Chicago happen, on average, once a day. Recently, it was a little girl making s’mores at a sleepover in a park. The shootings that torture pockets of the South and West sides have left Chicagoans desensitized and angry and impatient, says the Tribune. The new request is an acknowledgement that more bodies and badges might alleviate an overworked and understaffed Police Department.

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