Despite Bloody Two Weeks, Dallas On Pace For 10-Year Murder Low


Despite a recent bloody two weeks that saw a triple homicide and seven other slayings, Dallas remains on pace for a 10-year low in murders this year, reports the Dallas Morning News. The city has recorded 69 murders in 2014, compared with 85 at this time last year. Police and city officials officials hailed the drop, the latest in a decade-long downward trend, and credited a holistic approach to policing and a host of other reasons such as an improving economy and better trauma care. “There are a lot of variables that are all going through here, and they're all positive,” said Maj. Jeff Cotner, who oversees the homicide unit.

If the trend continues, the city would have fewer than 120 killings by year's end. There were 143 homicides in Dallas last year. The fall has been significant from the 10-year high of 248 in 2004 and may finally dip below the decade low of 133 in 2011, the lowest total since 1967, when the city was smaller. Assistant Chief Randy Blankenbaker isn't satisfied. “It'll be a milestone, and we'll talk about it, and it's 120 people who lost their lives and it's unacceptable,” Blankenbaker said. “We'll never rest on the fact that we've had fewer murders.”

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