Cincinnati Paper Posts, Deletes Story On Arrest Of Baseball Owner’s Son


The Cincinnati Enquirer posted and then removed a story about the domestic violence arrest of the son and daughter-in-law of the Cincinnati Reds owner, reports Cincinnati City Beat. The two were in court Monday, with “visible scratch marks around the neck” of the woman and “visible scratches around (the man’s) neck and shoulder.”

Enquirer editor Carolyn Washburn told City Beat that, “An editor determined — and I agreed — that it did not meet our news standards for publication,” explaining that the defendant “in question is not a public figure, has nothing to do with the Reds, etc. We don’t report every domestic charge in the community. But while that was being discussed, someone posted it. We quickly took it down but not before it began to get traction.” City Beat notes that the Enquirer regularly publishes “hilarious details of poor people getting arrested,” such as items this week about “a guy spitting on people at a bus stop, a dude masturbating on the steps of a church, a woman getting caught with drug paraphernalia after stealing Fig Newtons…”

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