PA Mother Faces Mandatory Prison Term For Carrying Gun Into NJ


Shaneen Allen, a Philadelphia mother, faces a three and one-half year mandatory prison term for carrying a gun into New Jersey, says the Philadelphia Daily News. Allen, 27, who has no criminal record, was pulled over by New Jersey State Police on Oct. 1 while driving to Atlantic City. She told the officer that she had a license-to-carry permit in Pennsylvania and had her .380 Bersa Thunder in her pocketbook. Her story has had national attention, and her attorney, Evan Nappen, says it’s proof that New Jersey’s gun laws are “out of control.”

“Fortunately, the notoriety of this case will make it less likely Pennsylvanians will carry concealed and loaded handguns in New Jersey, thereby making them and the Garden State safer from gun violence,” said Bryan Miller of Heeding God’s Call, a faith-based movement to prevent gun violence.

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