Michigan Man Shot Woman On Porch “In Fear”; Closing Arguments Today


Closing arguments are expected today in the murder trial of Theodore Wafer, 55, the Detroit-area homeowner charged in the shooting death of Renisha McBride, 19, on his front porch las November, the Detroit News reports. Yesterday, with Wafer testifying, prosecutor Athina Siringas said he did not tell a 911 dispatcher he believed someone was trying to break into his home and that he was afraid when he made the emergency call after the shooting. He also did not tell police that he picked up a bat before arming himself with a gun.

Wafer said everything was happening in a “split second.” “You were mad and wanted to handle this yourself. You never said anything about being scared,” Siringas told Wafer yesterday. Wafer testified nearly that he didn't know “what gender, what origin, what race” McBride was when he shot her. (Wafer is white; McBride was African American.) “I didn't know I was aiming it. I didn't point at anyone's face,” said Wafer during cross-examination. “I shot in fear.”

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