Federal Judge Overturns D.C. Ban On Public Handgun Carrying


Washington, D.C., police have been told not to arrest people for carrying handguns on the street after a judge's ruling that overturned the city's principal gun-control law, the Washington Post. reports. The D.C. attorney general's office said it would seek a stay of the ruling while the city decides whether to appeal. In an order approved by Police Chief Cathy Lanier, police were told that District residents are permitted to carry pistols if the weapons are registered. Those who had not registered their handguns could be charged on that ground.

The number of registered pistols is thought to be low. Lanier's instructions to police also said that residents of other jurisdictions without felony records would not be charged under the ban on carrying pistols. Judge Frederick Scullin, a senior U.S. District Court judge who normally sits in the Northern District of New York, wrote that he was stopping enforcement of the law “unless and until” the city adopted a constitutionally valid licensing mechanism.

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