Cheap, Potent Meth, Heroin Killing More People In San Diego Area


Cheap and potent methamphetamine and heroin is hitting San Diego County streets, and the surge is continuing to claim more lives, reports U-T San Diego. Meth killed 190 last year, an all-time high; there were 89 deaths from heroin. Law enforcement officials are fighting against the pure volume of the drugs coming north, especially the meth being manufactured for next to nothing in Mexico's “superlabs,” then smuggled by cartels and smaller entrepreneurial organizations across the border.

“The organizations have access to virtually any drug out there,” said Drug Enforcement Administration agent Gary Hill. “They are trying to be user-friendly distributors.” Authorities have hit back hard, ramping up seizures, coordinating with counterparts in a variety of task forces and going after traffickers. “Every seizure we make, that means less drugs on the street,” he said. “But we are fighting addiction. If someone is not ready to go into treatment, there's not much we can do about that.” U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy, in announcing the takedown of a San Diego-based meth-trafficking ring this year, called the resurgence of meth “a tremendous public health crisis.”

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