Vera: Criminal Justice Reform is a Nationwide Trend


Legislation passed in states across the nation in 2013 pushed aside old “tough on crime” policies in favor of community-based programs and practices that “can produce better outcomes at less cost,” according to a new report from the non-profit Vera Institute of Justice.

The report examines 85 bills passed in 35 states that relate to reducing prison populations or costs, expanding community-based sanctions, implementing risk and needs assessments, developing re-entry support programs or research into better criminal justice policies.

“By providing concise summaries of representative legislation in each area, this report aims to be a practical guide for policymakers in other states and the federal government looking to enact similar changes in criminal justice policy,” researchers wrote.

The report notes that it is does not cover every single criminal justice bill passed by states in 2013, but rather legislation that specifically related to reform in sentencing or corrections.

Read the full report HERE.

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