Marijuana Demand Outpaces Supply As WA Shops Open Their Doors


Twenty-five marijuana-sale shops in Washington state have passed final inspections and received licenses, and only a handful have opened, while the demand for legal marijuana far outweighs supply, reports the Seattle Times. Many pot proprietors simply can't find the product to keep their shelves stocked. As a result, several shops fear they will lose potential profits to temporary closures or shorter hours due to lack of inventory. “No matter how you cut it, there's just not enough product to go around to all the stores opening,” said Chad Champagne, owner of 420 Carpenter in Lacey. “If I could get 1,000 pounds I would get it.”

Champagne will open his shop at noon Friday. He's expecting one shipment tonight but hasn't been able to secure a second. “I have enough to last me through the weekend, and that's probably about it,” he said. Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham opened with the most product in stock Tuesday, more than 20 pounds from three separate processors, and is in jeopardy of running out, said manager Sigrid Williams. Other shops have passed final inspection and received their licenses but haven't been able to open due to the weed deficit.

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