China Denies Hacking Federal Employee Computer System


U.S. authorities are investigating an apparent breach of computer systems at the federal Office of Personnel Management, which stores data on federal employees, the Wall Street Journal reports. The personnel office and Department of Homeland Security investigators haven’t established the loss of any government employees’ personal information, but an investigation into the incident is continuing.

U.S. officials are probing a possible Chinese role in the attack, according to an official quoted by the New York Times, which first reported the intrusion. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said today that China opposes hacker attacks. “Some U.S. media and U.S. cybersecurity always smear China and create the theory that China is a cyberthreat, but they can’t provide sufficient evidence of that,” said the spokesman. The breach of computer systems at the Office of Personnel Management is notable because it appeared to be a deliberate attempt to steal U.S. government secrets, even if its success was uncertain.

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