Dallas Police Cite Tight Deadlines in Records Tumult


After days of publicly admitting they “underestimated” the problems with their new records management system that led to the premature release of more than 20 inmates, Dallas police officials are blaming a Dallas County policy requiring them to file some criminal cases within three business days, reports the city’s Morning News. Police say they had already struggled to meet the tight deadlines well before the new records system was activated on June 1.

Chief David Brown and other commanders repeatedly used words such as “strain” and “burden” while asking for understanding during last week's City Council Public Safety Committee briefing. Currently, detectives send hard copies of cases — which include the offense report, arrest warrant and affidavit, lab reports, videos, etc. — to the county. Police hope the new records system will eventually let them file everything electronically. Police officials met with district attorney representatives last week to discuss possible changes.

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